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Posted on Monday 11th August 2008

Where are you on the Political Compass?

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I love this video!

If you’re looking for an interesting website, do you know where you are on the political compass? I am proud of my position on the Libertarian Left, in the same quadrant as Mahatma Ghandi and Nelson Mandela! The political compass adds a new dimension to the traditional left -right political spectrum. The second dimension is Libertarian-Authoritarian. It is no real surprise to find both the Conservatives and Labour in the Authoritarian Right quadrant, and the Lib Dems quite near the middle but just in the Libertarian Right quadrant, along with Adam Smith and Milton Friedman. The BNP come out slightly left wing on the Left-Right access, but of course their racist policies put them as extreme authoritarians, in a similar position to Robert Mugabe and Nickolai Caucescu. The Greens are in the Libertarian Left quadrant. To find out where you are on the compass you just have to spend a few minutes answering some interesting questions. It’s well worth a few minutes, and may make you rethink who you should be voting for!

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