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Posted on Friday 25th July 2008

Station access/ Sheaf Valley Park

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Earlier this week I attended the Manor Castle and Woodthorpe Area Panel. Two representatives attended from East Midlands trains, who are still going ahead with plans to “gate” the station despite opposition from all the local political parties and many organisations and individuals.I will be attending a meeting at the station next Thursday, 31st July, to discuss the plans.If you would like me to convey a message to the train company (that I can repeat!) please get in touch.

There are also developments with the plans for Sheaf Valley Park. The council has released plans for the section of the park that they will be responsible for- Urban Splash will be developing the section in front of Park Hill flats. There will be various consultation opportunities in the near future, so you can let the planners know what you think. I remain to be convinced about the “event space” and grass terraces, and would prefer money to be spent on disabled friendly paths (the paths all seem to have steps on the plan) and lighting, to encourage people to walk this way to town. There is no funding at present for the Park Cafe, which would be at the top of the hill opposite Claywood Road. What do you think?

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