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Posted on Monday 12th May 2008

We’re all Green now, aren’t we?

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At the count I got chatting with some Conservative ladies. Much as I am opposed to Conservative policies, I did feel sorry for them- they had seen their poll rise to 20% of the vote, but their reward was to have the last Tory Councillor ceremoniously booted out of the Town Hall. I have a lot of respect for Anne Smith as she has been a hard working councillor and has always been open to discussions and debate.Our ridiculously unfair electoral system has now thrown her out of office. However the conversation soon became much more heated when one of the Tory ladies said, “but of course, we’re all Green now!” How I wish that was true, then I wouldn’t have to bother with politics! But the truth is all the 3 main political parties, at local and national level, still haven’t grasped the serious situation we are in. I believe the next decade will determine whether or not we save the planet from catastrophic climate change. We are not just talking about looking after our parks and keeping the streets clean (important though these issues are) we are talking about changing our economic system so that life can continue on this planet. I am currently reading Mark Lynas’s new book, 6 degrees. See In it he catalogues what climate scientists predict will happen to the planet as it warms by each degree. It should be required reading for all politicians and business people. It shows how we are already very close to various “tipping” points, which when we reach them will further speed up climate change- for instance as the artic melts, the ice cap, which acts like a massive mirror that currently reflects the suns energy away from the north pole will disappear. This means that the energy will be absorbed by the dark sea, further warming the planet and speeding climate change.

Politicians that say they are green, while proposing new airports, new roads, encouraging wasteful consumption, opposing sustainable energy solutions and encouraging massive hypermarkets while local shops and post offices are shut down should be voted out of office as soon as possible!

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