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Posted on Saturday 3rd May 2008

Fly tipping fruit and veg

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On the Victoria Environment Group litter pick today we went to the the little triangle of land at the junction of Granville Road and Fitzwalter Road. It was a terrible mess again, and it seems that a fruit and veg trader has taken to regularly dumping rotten fruit there.If you have any information about who is doing this please let me know and I will report him to the authorities. The ironic thing is we haven’t got a local fruit and veg shop- a few years ago there was a lovely greengrocers on City Road, just near Skye Edge Avenue, but it had to close and the local shops there have never been the same since. All we seem to get now is take away shops! So whoever it is is driving into our area especially to dump their waste. I hope we catch him! We didn’t manage to shift all the fly tipping, but have reported it to the council.

One Response to Fly tipping fruit and veg

  1. Joey's Dream Garden says:

    That’s terrible! Maybe the council should put compost bins there!On that subject, I phoned Veolia the other day to ask about recycling being put at the new Dovercourt surgery on Skye Edge Ave, we’ll see what happens. Also suggested siting recycling bins at the bottom of Manor Laithe Rd but the person I spoke to sounded very sceptical because of risk of vandalism. Its just a shame that there’s areas that a just left to go to waste, no good to any one or creature.

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