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Posted on Wednesday 23rd April 2008

How should Trade Unionists vote?

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Tomorrow I will be on strike from my job at Sheffield College. Under the Labour Government public sector workers like teachers and lecturers continue to be offered pay deals well below the rate of inflation. At the same time Gordon Brown attacks poor people by removing the 10p band of income tax.

Unison however still think it is a good idea to spend their members contributions on a letter from Jan Wilson, telling them to vote Labour! Trade Unionists would be far better off supporting a party that wants to put an end to poverty, stop the oil wars and the creeping privatisation of our schools and health service.

SOME IMPORTANT Green Party Policies:
The Green Party:
• Opposes privatisation of public service and the Private Finance Initiative.
• Campaigns for fair pay and decent conditions for all workers.
• Opposes the sale or privatisation of council housing.
• Campaigns for an extensive programme of affordable social housing.
• Campaigns for a massive increase in investment in public transport within a publicly controlled integrated transport system that makes car use less necessary.
• Campaigns for healthy public services such as health, education and transport, funded through adequate taxation, in which the well-off pay their fair share.
• Campaigns for fair trade that promotes concrete improvements in the conditions of workers in developing countries without hurting workers in the industrialised West.
• Supports the Charter Of Workers’ Rights endorsed by major trade unions
• Encourages un-unionised, temporary, and migrant workers to join trade unions
For more reasons why Trade Unionists should vote Green see

One Response to How should Trade Unionists vote?

  1. Graham Wroe says:

    Why are UCU in dispute?FE lecturers have average hourly earnings 15.5% lower than secondary school teachers.47% of colleges have not implemented the new pay scales82% of staff report rising workloads and stress.14% of FE teachers are employed on a casual or agency basis compared to just 4.5% of teachers in 6th form colleges.Overall 11,000 teaching jobs have been lost in the sector since 2004.The AoC says FE lecturers should accept 2.55% for 2007/8 yet college principal’s salaries have grown by 22% since 2002 to an average of £100,000 now. On average college principals awarded themselves 4.5% last year.Workloads are unsustainable, with 27% of colleges having annual teaching contracts of more than 850 teaching hours a year.

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