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Posted on Monday 21st April 2008

Demo at Station

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There was a very successful demonstration at the station this morning, to protest at East Midlands trains plan to install barriers and prevent pedestrians walking through.There must have been about 50 people there, including representatives from all 4 political parties, Transport4All,Friends of Sheaf Vally Park, Friends of Norfolk Park, Park Community Action, Victoria Methodist Church, Grace Owen Nursery and probably other organisations I wasn’t aware of. When was the last time all 4 political parties in Sheffield came together on the same demonstration? I have just been forwarded another email from East Midlands trains, which is much clearer about their plans. It says

Dear ***** *****

Thank you for your email of 24 February 2008.

I can confirm that we are installing ticket barriers at Sheffield on a
trial basis- these have been well received at the stations at which they
have already been installed e.g. Leicester.

These barriers are intended to reduce the amount of fare evasion taking
place, and this is one of a number of measures we have implemented to
ensure this is the case – ultimately, this is to benefit the travelling
public by helping to keep fare rises to an absolute minimum.

If the installation is successful the barriers will become permanent.

Thank you for your enquiry.

Kind regards

******** ***
Customer Relations Officer

What is rather ironic is that even though it is the clear democratic will of the people to keep free access to the station, because it is now a private concern, in the end East Midlands trains can do what they like. We need to renationalise the railways to bring them back into democratic control.

I have had a letter published in the Telegraph about the station access, which is at
and Rob Murphy, Green candidate for Sheffield Central, has written about the demo

The coverage on Radio Sheffield was a little disappointing, as it gave all the publicity to Jan Wilson, when the hard work that has been done by local campaigners bringing this to everyone’s attention was ignored. However it has sent a very stong message to East Midlands trains- lets hope they now reconsider and come up with a sensible alternative.

One Response to Demo at Station

  1. Vivien Ratcliffe says:

    Dear Graham.If the station is a listed building and EMT’s require planning permission, then putting pressure on the Council to deny them permission should be a strategy which should be pursued vigorously.Viv

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