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Posted on Thursday 17th April 2008

Bernard Street/Duke Street traffic lights

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Duke Street Talbot street Bernard Street traffic lights
Further to my earlier posting I took a few pictures of the junction at rush hour this morning. True, there weren’t many pedestrians- but is that surprising when crossing here is such a nightmare? It is enough to persuade even the most conscientious climate change campaigner to resort to using a car.
Duke Street Talbot street Bernard Street traffic lights
Here a van mounts the pavement to try to turn left up Duke Street.

The top picture shows how busy the junction has become. It has been made more difficult to cross because of the bus gate at the bottom of Duke Street. As traffic can’t continue down the hill to town, everything is channelled along Bernard Street.
Duke Street Talbot street Bernard Street traffic lights
Here a pedestrian dashes across the road between traffic, as there is never a gap in the traffic going along Bernard Street.

Maybe we need to start a local petition to get a pelican at this crossing. What do you think? Maybe with more Greens in the Town Hall we could secure more finance for pelican crossings.

When the junction is right next to the Trades and Labour Club, you would think the Labour Party would be sympathetic on this one!

2 Responses to Bernard Street/Duke Street traffic lights

  1. Joey's Dream Garden says:

    Hi GrahamYes, this area is one of my pet hates, its a nightmare to cross as you’ve pointed out – there is a lot of housing in that area, Park Hill on one side and the other flats on the other, and what look like old people’s homes – I can’t understand why the council hasn’t put a crossing or two there. More of the councillors should take to walking everywhere, then they’d find out what a stressful experience it can be sometimes!ps good luck for the election results!CheersJoey

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