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Posted on Monday 25th February 2008

Litter Pick

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Next litter pick is this Saturday, March 1st at 10am-meet at Victoria. Bring gloves. See you there!


3 Responses to Litter Pick

  1. Joey's Dream Garden says:

    I hope the litter-pick went well. I thinks its great and very commendable that you and others like you do this, but I find it sad as well, because the people doing the littering just don’t care. In my opinion, it’s a losing battle unfortunately. Today I saw a car stopped on Granville road with 4 people in it, and the driver chucked out an empty bottle and some wrappers. I think it was the brazenness of this act that saddened me so much, I can’t understand the mentality of people who do this at all. What will the Green Party do, do you think, to change the mindset of people like this? Because no matter how many litter-picks are done, there will always be others who don’t care and mess the place up again, until they start to think about what they’re doing. Being a good example to others will only work so far, in my view. Wouldn’t we have a lovely environment if everyone cared?

  2. Graham Wroe says:

    Hi JoeyI do sympathise with these views, but we mustn’t give up! I think the key is to build strong communities, where it is clear the people in the neighbourhood do care, and if someone drops litter they will be challenged. That’s why I think the litter pick is so important- it gets neighbours together doing something useful for the community, but also sends out a message to those that aren’t bothered that this is not where they should be dropping litter. I’d also like to see much more enforcement of anti littering laws- if more people got fined for littering others would soon get the message.Even better, a great punishment for littering would be to join in the clean ups! Graham

  3. Joey's Dream Garden says:

    Thanks Graham!I agree that sometimes you have to do whatever you feel is right. You will get through to some people, i’m sure of that, although I think there will always be a “hard-core” of people who just won’t change. If you saw the programme on Channel 4 recently called “the Woman who stops cars” you’ll know what I mean… some people seemed to give in and eventually compromise, while others were resolutely never going to change. That’s people for you!

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