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Posted on Thursday 7th February 2008

Pedestrian access to the railway station

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I gather there are plans to stop pedestrians using the railway station. This has got to be the most stupid proposal I have heard for a long time. We need an integrated transport system and the most important part of that, to reduce our carbon footprint, is encouraging people to walk. Closing the station for pedestrian access will discourage people from walking and using the Supertram, which has to be accessed through the station for that part of the city. Many residents in the Park Hill area regularly use this route to walk to town. I urge people to protest to the station management. They are managed by East Midlands trains and the email address is

2 Responses to Pedestrian access to the railway station

  1. Graham Wroe says:

    Minutes of the council meeting that accepted the petition are here College lecturers in the UCU Union have unanimously backed the Friends of Sheaf Valley Park on this, as have Sheffield Green Party.

  2. Smarty says:

    This was my rant I sent to the train company:I am very concerned to hear that there are plans to close off or form a barrier at the Sheaf Valley Park side of the Railway station. I have heard from one source that there are plans to close the access to the station. This sounds ridiculous as this would mean pedestrians would be forced to use the adjacent footbridge which is a very threatening, enclosed and lonely space. Even midday in the height of summer one is concerned for ones safety when walking along that route. Other alternatives take you to different ends of the city rather than being able to move through up into the city centre via the fantastic Heart of the City works that have been undertaken and paid for by taxpayers over the last 10 years. I have been using the route through the station regularly over the past 10 years (there used to be one further down where the old tram stop is located). Other sources say that a ticket barrier is to be placed there. Will there be facilities to purchase tickets at the same side of the station as currently there are none? Will this also prevent people moving through? Will platform tickets be available? This would have a serious impact on people travelling from the bus station through to the tram stop and prevent students for Sheffield Hallam University and Sheffield College moving to and from opposite ends of the station. This will actively encourage people to move back towards their own private transport. I should be grateful if you would let me know what is happening. I am very disappointed that this is being considered when there have been significant changes with the tram system and the location of the tram stops and the upgrading of the station to try and provide Sheffield with an integrated system. If this is an attempt to prevent train users from travelling without paying then could i suggest that conductors on trains check tickets and that facilities to purchase tickets on the train and stations and improved? An improved level of customer service would be appreciated – having to go a circuitous route to obtain a train ticket is poor customer service. When one can travel on a bus or a taxi by getting in, why can’t that be an option? Incentives could be given for advance purchase tickets by making them all cheaper with higher fares paid on the actual trains. Taking away the freedom to travel to and from the train station will also impact on the shops there – I like to go through to Marks and Spencers occasionally to buy something. If the route of going through the station is not available then I would miss out on this and go a totally different direction. Occasionally it is also good to pop down for coffee – the area in front of the station is now impressive! Those of us with pride in our city expect to be able to enjoy facilities. If trying to drive up revenue is one of the key considerations then I would suggest that thought is given to those of us who would feel a lot less inclined to travel by train if the move to close off the end of the station goes ahead. i look forward to your response.

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