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Posted on Saturday 28th April 2007

Things that make me happy when out leafletting/canvassing

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  • people coming up to me to ask for Vote Green posters!
  • people genuinely interested in politics, even if they don’t agree with me.
  • friendly cats!
  • coming across beautiful gardens in otherwise uncared for areas.
  • people who understand that they can make a difference if they get involved in the local community.
  • people realising that voting Green can mean a new sort of cooperative politics at the Town Hall
  • young people enthusing about the local election and getting involved.

Things that make me sad

  • abusive teenagers
  • dangerous dogs- I am very thankful I have still got all my fingers!
  • paved over front gardens-we need all the soil we can get to avoid flash flooding from heavy storms that climate change will bring.
  • people who refuse to vote, like my Rastafarian neighbour who wont have anything to do with “politrics”. I have a lot of sympathy with him, that’s why I am standing to make things better!
  • people who say “I’ve always voted Labour and I’m not going to change now”. But there aren’t so many of these now!
  • other parties misrepresenting what we say. Some leaflets are full of attacks on the Green Party. We prefer to positively state our policies, rather than waste our time talking about what the others have or haven’t done. It may be that the Council will be equally divided between the Lib Dems and Labour after this election, in which case the parties will have to work together to decide the best policies for the city. The Greens realise that the state of the world and our city is much more important than party politics. We will work with other parties to ensure we are moving in the right direction.

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