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Posted on Friday 6th April 2007

Candidates announced

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The list of candidates has been announced. In Manor Castle my opponents are Jenny Armstrong (Lab), Dave Croft (Lib Dem) and Christina Stark (Con). Apart from Christina, who lives on my road, I don’t know the other candidates. It will be interesting to see where they live. Fortunately there are no BNP candidates in this ward- the election will be much better without their politics of hate. Jan Fiore, the sitting Labour Councillor, must be retiring.

Today’s Sheffield Telegraph letters page was great, with 4 letters supporting the Green viewpoint on waste policy. I have been influential in pushing our new policy forward- you can see the report we wrote at
The new manifesto will be on the website soon.
The other parties have really got to understand that to combat global warming we need to reduce the waste we produce in the first place. The council should be doing far more to help people start home composting, promote re-useable nappies and challenge local businesses to use less packaging and fewer plastic bags.

I spent most of yesterday organising the leaflet delivery for Manor Castle ward. If you’d like to help the campaign by putting up a poster or delivering some leaflets for me please let me know.

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