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Posted on Wednesday 4th April 2007

Litter and fly tipping

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When I go and knock on doors and ask residents about their concerns, the most frequent comments are about litter. Why is it our area is so bad? Some local heroes still clean the streets around their house or organise street cleans. But the litter bugs seem to be winning. If I was a councillor, would you expect me to be spending more council tax money on street cleaning? Unfortunately our area needs it, but what we really need is for people to stop dropping the stuff in the first place! We need people to have pride in the areas where they live so they want to keep it nice.

The Green Party Councillors have worked with various residents groups to tidy up streets and footpaths, install litter and dog waste bins and recycling facilities. If you are fed up with litter on your street, why not do something about it? You could e-mail
and copy one to me, asking them to come and clean your street.

Which are the worst streets for litter in Manor Castle? Can we make them better?

In last night’s Star there was a letter entitled “Clearing up my mother in laws house was a total nightmare”.
which shows how difficult it is to get rid of unwanted stuff in Sheffield. The Council really need to do better on this- it’s no wonder people resort to fly tipping when faced with unhelpful council bureaucracy.The Council should publicise websites like Freecycle more, that help people find homes for unwanted things. But they should also be preventing so much stuff going to landfill and incineration, by promoting re-use, repair and reduction of waste as well as recycling- but more of this tomorrow!

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